BeautyWhat Happened To Dame Judi Dench Teeth?

What Happened To Dame Judi Dench Teeth?

Dame Judi Dench Teeth: Dame Judith Olivia Dench has had a highly successful career in Film, TV and Theatre. Whether it’s Mrs. Brown, her incredible performance in Shakspeare in Love or the James Bond series, Judi Dench captivates her audience like few can.

However, recently, the attention she’s getting is less about her talents and more about her physical appearance. At 88 years old, everyone faces the effects of aging and that’s exactly what is happening with Dame Judi Dench’s teeth.

Fans quickly noticed the changes when Judi Dench appeared at the 2022 Oscars. Everyone’s been asking, so here are all the details about what is going on with Judi Dench’s teeth.

Judi Dench Teeth Transformation Before and After

Dame Judi Dench teeth

Although her dental problems date back to 2007 when she chipped her incisors during an accident, fans got really concerned about Dame Judi Dench’s teeth after the 2022 Academy Awards. During a close-up shot of Judi Dench laughing, fans saw that she was missing her right premolars. Along with showing concern, fans were quick to raise questions.

Judi Dench Teeth Transformation

What happened to Judi Dench’s teeth? Why is she not visiting a dentist and getting her teeth fixed? Well, we don’t know the answers to all these questions but Judi Dench did disclose the reason behind her dental problems. Read on to learn when and why she lost her teeth.

The Mystery Unveiled: Judi Dench’s Dental Problems

When addressing her missing teeth on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Dame Judi Dench revealed the cause of her dental problems. Judi Dench revealed that her teeth fell out due to chronic stress.

Chronic stress affects mental as well as physical health. It can weaken our immune system, mess with our digestive system and cause plenty more physical health problems. Similarly, oral health is also greatly affected by stress. Stress can cause inflammation in the gums and weaken the foundations. And that’s exactly what happened with Judi Dench.


Many fans also ask why Judi Dench never got her teeth fixed. With all the resources she has, she can easily fix her teeth via surgery. However, getting her teeth fixed or keeping them as they are is Judi Dench’s choice.

As some fans question her for not treating her dental issues, others also applaud her for keeping it natural and accepting her aging body as it is.

Exploring the Gap: Judi Dench and Her Missing Teeth Journey

As mentioned earlier, Dame Judi Dench’s tooth troubles began in 2007. She was shooting for a Christmas Special for BBC 1 when she lost one of her front teeth. Because there was no time, Judi Dench was rushed to a nearby dental clinic while still in costume as Miss Matty Jenkyns.

Aside from that, her teeth changed shape as Judi Dench aged. Over time a gap has appeared between her front two teeth. Compared to her photos from a young age that gap was never there.


More recently, she has also lost her right premolars. As mentioned above, chronic stress caused her teeth to fall out. No one knows exactly when she lost her teeth but it is interesting to see that she has opted against surgery and chose not to get new teeth despite all the resources she has.


If you didn’t know for sure, now you do. Judi Dench has lost a few of her teeth, not because of some accident but due to age. Secondly, it’s her choice whether she wants to put in new teeth or not. If she feels good just the way her teeth are, no one has the right to judge her. We wish her all the health and look forward to seeing her on our screens for years to come.


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